Why Use LENA

Seize This Opportunity to Give Your Child the Gift of a Solid Language Foundation
Researchers have shown a direct correlation between the number of words a child is exposed to and IQ and vocabulary size.
From birth into the toddler years, your baby’s brain roughly triples in size. It may be likened to a fast-growing, complex sponge—a blossoming organic processing unit generating billions of cells that are interconnected through a web of hundreds of trillions of synapses. The quantity and quality of your child’s language exposure during this pivotal developmental period can have long-lasting implications, and great developmental strides may be made that can facilitate academic and intellectual success throughout your child’s life.
Consequently, every word counts, every day. But most parents don’t realize just how many words it takes to add up. Most overestimate the number of words and conversational turns they expose their child to. However, with LENA Home there’s no more wondering—you know.