LENA System PriceLENA gives you the information you need to ensure your child receives an academic advantage. All for only $399!

The LENA System uses advanced and revolutionary components which in total, cost over $15 million to develop:
A Digital Language Processor (DLP) which contains an ultra low power microprocessor, audio compression and storage technology, and specialized audio components – similar to those found in advanced hearing aids priced at over $1000.
Language Environment Analysis Software developed from three years of acoustic modeling and algorithm development – the only speech analysis software in the world that works in the natural home environment to measure child vocalizations, conversational turns, and adult words, and separate them from cries, laughs, coughs, TV and radio and other noise sources.
A percentile normative database for adult words and conversational turns, created from 2 years of research and more than 20,000 hours of natural environment language data collected, with a cost of $2 million dollars, coupled with the cost of additional research of several hundred thousand dollars per year to continually improve the norms and create norms for languages other than English.
We’ve invested over $15 million dollars to make our vision a reality. Our goal has always been to provide the most researched, scientifically based product to parents and early childhood researchers and pediatricians – at a price that everyone can afford. We’ll stand by our product, our research and our convictions. Try the LENA System. If you aren’t fully satisfied – return it for a full refund. Your child will be turning three before you know it. Don’t waste that precious time, and your money, on unproven gimmicks. LENA is research based — and it works.
Experience LENA risk-free for 30 days! We’re sure you’ll find LENA to be a terrific and helpful parenting tool. But if you disagree, we will refund your money.