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Experts on Early Intervention:
One in 150 children in the United States has autism, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Average age of autism diagnosis is 5.7 years, according to a recent study by Washington University in St. Louis
“Research indicates that intervention provided before age 3-4 years has a greater impact than that after age 5. Younger children consistently make more progress during intervention than do older children.”
– Teresa Cardon, M.A., CCC-SLP, autism specialist and author of Let’s Talk Emotions and Initiations and Interactions
“Based on a set of individualized, specialized objectives and plans that are systematically implemented, educational services should begin as soon as a child is suspected of having an autistic spectrum disorder.”
“Children with autistic spectrum disorders, like children with vision or hearing problems, require early identification and diagnosis to equip them with the skills (e.g., imitation, communication) to benefit from educational services, with some evidence that earlier initiation of specific services for autistic spectrum disorders is associated with greater response to treatment.”
– Committee on Educational Interventions for Children with Autism, from the book Educating Children with Autism
The not-for-profit LENA Foundation now offers the LENA Language and Autism Screen (LAS), a three-part assessment for parents of children 24 months to 48 months. The LAS enables you to:
Automatically and objectively screen for autism. After analyzing your child’s vocalizations, we provide a score and probability for the likelihood of autism.
Detect language delays. We measure your child’s expressive and receptive language skills—based on your answers to a 52-item parent questionnaire—and provide you with a language development age and determine if a language delay may be present.
Assess the quality of your child’s language environment.  We measure the number of adult words spoken to and near your child; determine the number of conversational interactions your child has with adults; and rate the quality of your child’s audio environment.
It’s easy to Order the LAS . After providing the requested order and payment information through our online shop, you will receive a kit with a LENA Digital Language Processor (DLP—a small, unobtrusive recording device), LENA Clothing, and some questionnaires. On the recording day (we recommend a weekend day), you dress your child in the LENA Clothing, turn on and insert the DLP in the clothing pocket and record 12 to 16 hours of your child’s daily vocalizations. The next day you send the DLP and other materials back to us in a prepaid FedEx envelope. We process the data and send you the results and reports within two weeks of receiving your packet.
If a problem is detected, we recommend that you take the reports and information to your pediatrician or speech-language pathologist for more immediate intervention and therapy.
Don’t ‘wait and see.’ Arm yourself with the data you need to start a real conversation about your child’s health and welfare.
For more information on the LAS, please call 1.866.503.9918 or Order Now .
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