About LENA

LENA stands for Language ENvironment Analysis. It is a revolutionary system designed to capture the talk in your
child’s environment.
Using a state-of-the-art digital language processor and language environment analysis software,
LENA quantifies and analyzes conversations between your child and you, helping to ensure that
your young one is experiencing the type of rich language environment that leads to an advanced learning trajectory.
LENA tracks the number of words you and your child speak to each other, as well as the conversational
turns — those moments when you speak to your child and your child responds, and vice versa. This
turn-taking is as important as adult words spoken to your child, because turn-taking accelerates
your child’s language development.
In short, LENA promotes talk between you and your child — talk that your child needs to succeed in
life. With LENA, you won’t guess if you are doing enough – you’ll know.
Research shows that parents significantly overestimate how much they talk to their child. Parents
have even more difficulty estimating their conversational turns, which may be even more important for
your baby’s development than adult words.
LENA includes percentile ranks.
LENA not only tracks words and conversational turns, it also tells you the percentile rank compared to
both a nationally representative group of 314 families and to other LENA users.
LENA is easy to use.
Just slip the 2-ounce LENA Digital Language Processor into your child’s comfortable, stylish clothing
( part of your LENA package ) — and forget about it. At the end of the day, plug the Digital Language Processor
into your PC to analyze your conversations and count the words spoken throughout the day.
Use LENA just one to three times a month, or as often as you choose.
LENA is unobtrusive.
It never distracts your child from doing what comes naturally — exploring the world or playing with you.
LENA reduces stress.
When you focus on talk, you can throw away other “forced” learning tools that must be scheduled into your day.
That means you and your baby can just relax and enjoy each other — talking and playing the day away.
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