Parent Testimonials


"It is important to be able to view the number of our conversational turns and to compare our statistics with national and local parents."

       Nichole, mother of Zachary (18 months)


"I have noticed a HUGE increase in the conversation turns which can only be because of the LENA system. When we started, our son didn’t say anything, or even babble. One week into the program he started babbling, two weeks into it he was saying actual words, and three weeks into it he was putting a few words together."

      Heather, mother of Sebastian (15 months)


"I’m really enjoying the LENA system and I feel like it’s training me to be a more attentive and verbal parents. I never expected to think so much about the lingual environment I’m providing for my daughter. I love knowing that I am doing my best for her development."

      Julie, mother of Rose (24 months)


"LENA is a fun way to stay focused on the importance of talking to our child. It has prompted both of us to interact more with Jonathan and to try to increase our numbers for adult words and conversational turns."

      Kate, mother of Jonathan (23 months)


"The very first time I used LENA I was aware that Jay was wearing the Digital Language Processor, and I made an extra effort to talk to him. But the second time I used it I was busy and didn’t make that effort. I was surprised at how I fell in percentile rank because of how much less I talked. We now are in the 98th percentile, and I like being able to figure out what situations are most favorable for a healthy language environment."

      Jami, mother of Jay (7 months)


"LENA has caused us to have a new awareness of speaking with our baby—not just around him—and we make a conscious attempt to verbally engage Moshe in every task.”

      Jennifer, mother of Moshe (21 months)


"LENA raised my awareness of how much I talk to my son. Also, I am much more aware of the need to let him “have his turn” in conversation even though he is only babbling right now. I really like being able to track my progress in how I communicate with him."

      Megan, mother of Benjamin (11 months)


"LENA is a user friendly way to build my child’s exposure to language and track our results. With tips on improving communication with your child, it is a great tool to help get both parents on the same page. We have achieved the 99th percentile for our adult word count! "

      Kristina, mother of Giovanni (23 months)


"LENA has helped me gauge my interaction with Samantha. It also provides a quantitative assessment of the amount of learning my daughter experiences through conversation. The comparative analyses in the LENA reports provide “targets” for achievement."

      Wendy, mother of Samantha (14 months)


"I think more than anything, LENA has helped both me and my husband make a conscious effort to talk more directly to our daughter than just talk around her. I like knowing the total amount of engaged interactive conversation that occurs with her."

      Sarah, mother of Alyssa (22 months)


"I like being able to see how much my husband and I talk to Kiana and how much she talks back to us. LENA also told us how much our caregiver talks when we are not there. Without LENA, you really have no clue how involved you are in your child’s language development."

      Stacey, mother of Kiana (21 months)


"With LENA, we were clearly able to see the hours after dinner were a great time to talk and read more. I now have confidence and assurance that my daughter is experiencing enough conversational turns and is hearing enough adult words as our percentile rank has risen into the high 90s. "

      Erika, mother of Lucille (24 months)


"My husband has an increased awareness of the conversational turns he has with our daughter. He is also more interested in encouraging her to talk."

      Marci, mother of Kaya (15 months)


"LENA allows me to visually see how much I speak to my child, which is something no parent can really quantify. Without LENA, I would really have no way to gauge my progress and track my child’s language development. Seeing how low my first results were made me want to improve in order to give Jayce all the advantages I can. "

      Trisha, mother of Jayce (15 months)


"We are in the 99th percentile and you can’t get much higher than that. LENA helps me recognize the times of day that I don’t talk much and could improve. I like being able to compare with others and having the chance to recognize my child’s language development. "

      Kim, mother of Kezra (3 months)



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