How can you be certain your child hears 21,000 words every day?
LENA Clothing

Turn on the DLP and place it in the pocket of the key child’s LENA Clothing.

LENA Digital Language Processor

After completing recording, plug the DLP into a PC running LENA Pro. The sophisticated language environment analysis software automatically uploads and processes the audio file.

Conversational Turns Report

The software generates the LENA reports and other reports and other analyses.

LENA Analyzes Every Word that Counts

LENA stands for Language ENvironment Analysis. It’s a revolutionary system designed to capture the amount of talk in your child’s environment.

Using a state-of-the-art Digital Language Processor (DLP) and Language Environment Software, LENA quantifies and analyzes conversations between you and your child, helping to ensure that your young one is experiencing the type of rich language environment that leads to an advanced learning trajectory.

In short, LENA promotes talk between you and your child — talk that your child needs to succeed in life. With LENA, you won’t guess if you’re doing enough, you’ll know.

LENA includes percentile ranks. LENA not only tracks words and conversational turns, it also provides a percentile rank compared to both a nationally representative group of 314 families and to other LENA users.*

LENA is easy to use. Just slip the two-ounce LENA DLP into your child’s specially designed LENA clothing (part of your LENA package; see page 5) — and go on with your day as usual. At the end of your day, plug the DLP into your PC to analyze your conversations and word count from throughout the day. Use LENA just two to three times per month, or as often as you choose.

LENA is unobtrusive. It never distracts your child from doing what comes naturally — exploring the world and playing with you.

Nationally representative percentiles for adult word counts and conversational turns are included with the LENA software. LENA user percentiles are updated bimonthly and available by accessing the private LENA Compare Website through the software. In order to provide LENA user percentiles and special demographic selections, access to the LENA Compare Website requires LENA users to provide basic demographic information and electronically donate their processed files, stored on a secure and confidential server.


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